Troop Cookie Manager


A troop cookie manager’s job is to manage the cookie sale for their troop. This includes attending the Service Unit troop cookie manager training, holding a parent meeting, ordering the troops cookies, selecting booth sites, assigning girls to the booth sales, collecting all monies, reordering cookies, balancing out the sale, ordering rewards, and distributing cookie rewards.

All record keeping is done on the computer through a program called ebudde. Site selection is also done this way.

A troop cookie manager needs to have a way to pick up cookies, store cookies, have a computer, good managing skills, and a ton of patience. They could be spending time each day starting the end of January through the first of April.

Each troop needs to have one person who is the main contact for the cookie sale. If the troops wishes, this job can be done by committee. There can be someone who does all the banking, one that picks up the cookies, one that selects and maintains the sites, and one who keeps up all the record keeping on ebudde.

At the October 16th volunteer meeting a clipboard will be passed around to indicate who your main troop cookie manager will be, their email address, and main phone number. I will need to have all names by the December dinner.

Please let me know if you have any questions. You may email your troop information at any time.


Linda Otto

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