Pinewood Derby

From Kimberly Frost:

We are CONFIRMED to race at Edmonds United Methodist Church. We would like to begin racing at 6pm on Thursday, February 20th. We will race every car we have. It would be great if you could attend but if not please know your car will compete.

We know the cars will have been sitting for two weeks at this point and I am sorry that is the way it is working out. If you want to come early (5:30ish) to graphite your wheels please feel free to. If you cannot attend but want graphite put on please email me with your name and if you know your car number that would be great. We will do our very best.
We appreciate your understanding. We know how hard you worked on your cars and want to honor that hard work.
The church is offering their facility free of charge so any help cleaning up would be appreciated. Also, I know many of you already bought items for the pet food drive and we will be collecting. However, the church runs a food bank so if you do not have pet items and want to bring in regular canned food we will be donating that to the church’s bank.
I really hope many of you can make it. I have already heard from a couple about school conflicts that night. I hope next year we can race again without the snow!

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