Online Garage (not) Sale!

“Are you part of our North Region Facebook group? If not, you’ll want to join soon for an exciting upcoming event!

We are clearing out our storage closet and we want YOU to benefit! Looking for those unique odds and ends that will bring your upcoming projects to the next level? We may have what you are looking for.

Join us online on August 24th beginning at noon to check out our Online Garage (not) Sale! Here’s how it works: Join our event, “North Region Online Garage (not) Sale” in the North Region Facebook group! All items posted to this event are free and up for grabs. To claim an item, simply comment, “Taken”. All items will be claimed on a first comment, first serve basis. Unless otherwise stated, we only have one of each item, so make sure you act fast! We will message you at the end of the (not) Sale to coordinate pick up.

Please do not post your own items to giveaway during this event. If there is interest in such an opportunity, please let your TPM or SUM know and we will try to provide that opportunity in the future.”

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you!

Elyse Hammerly

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