Knapsacks of Hope, Silver Award Project

Silver Award Project: Knapsacks of Hope
Completed by Maia Aikens, Samantha Farmer, Stephanie Farmer
Troop 52837

Finding a way to help the homeless kids in the Edmonds School District, as well as help the environment led to the development of “Knapsacks of Hope”.  These girls wanted to help create a renewable  resource that would also help kids. When they learned a lot of the homeless kids have nothing to keep their personal items and treasures in other than plastic grocery sacks or trash bags, they decided to sew reusable knapsacks in fun fabrics.  They hope this will help build self- esteem, as well as decrease the  impact of plastic in the community.
The girls learned to cut and iron fabric, follow pattern instructions, use a serger and sewing machine and  complete the project by stringing the bags. They also made labels for the inside that the kids could write  their names on and included a message of caring inside the bag.  The knapsacks were donated to Washington Kids in Transition,(who came to talk to the youth group the  girls attend)  an organization based to meet the needs of homeless kids.(There were other service organizations at the presentation, who were excited about the girls project and took an interest in  pursuing it as well!)
To make it sustainable the girl posted instructions and contact ideas on the service unit website and on  pinterest, so others can continue to fill the need.  In addition, Washington Kids in Transition posted the  information on their facebook page.  The girls hope this will have a positive and lasting impact on their  community.


KNAPSACKS OF HOPE instructions

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