Hello YAYA Hikers and Older Scouts

Hello YAYA Hikers and Older Scouts

Our next YAYA rendez is not a hike but a service project:
It is time to give back to mother earth for all the joy she gives us. We are partnering  with the non-profit group, Sound Salmon Solutions to improve salmon habitat! Cool stuff.

You do not need to be a YAYA Hiker to attend, but you must register through this email.

Project background:

Join Sound Salmon Solutions on the Lower Snoqualmie River in Duvall, to help make the Snohomish watershed better for salmon, wildlife, and people! Volunteers will be removing plant fabric from the ground, along the Snoqualmie River on easy terrain, and place live plant stakes into the ground.  Volunteers will also have the opportunity to learn more about the ecosystem and how salmon play a part within it. SSS will provide: Work gloves and all the tools we will need.

Check them out at: www.soundsalmonsolutions.org

Girl Scouts-earn community service hours to apply toward Badge or Journey work or other awards or improved self worth.

High Schoolers-earn service hours towards National Honor Society or other needs!

Families-This is a fab time for our YAYA families to join in the fun too, but everyone needs to pre-register with me.

Minimum age-6th Grade (due to nature of work).

When: Sat. March 29th, 2014 in the Duvall area.
Meet Time: 8:15 AM or we can pick you up en route as we head south on I405 from Lynnwood & then east to Duval. OR meet you in Duvall.
# Hours: We will work for 4 hours.
Return to Ellen’s: ~4 PM or we drop you where we found you.
Cost: $3 for transportation plus ~$5 for ice cream
Permission form: GS form attached, I will email each participant the Sound Salmon Solutions form from upon your registration with me.

RSVP: By Return email by March 20th….ONLY IF YOU ARE COMING, I will then send you more paperwork and location information.

Info to Include in your RSVP:
Scouts:  name, home phone, parent’s name(s), grade in school,  age, & troop #.
Adults: name, home & Cell phones, whether registered in GS, name & phone of your emergency contact, and your volunteer position in GS.

Ellen Dahill Govan
Girl Scout Volunteer
YAYA Hikers Advisor
WEBSITE and Photos: YAYA Hikers
Service Unit 245-Lynnwood

YAYA Parent Permission Form: SERIVC~1

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