Hello YAYA Hiker Wanna Bees!!

Hello YAYA Hiker Wanna Bees!!

Many of you have been awaiting the next workshop; this workshop is your entry ticket into the fabulous world of hiking with our group. Read on!

 Are you already a YAYA hiker-great please share this info with your troop members that want to get hikin’ with us.

  Who are the Girl Scout YAYA Hikers?

YAYA=Young Adults Yearning for Adventure.

 We are an activity group, in addition to troop options, that offer monthly hiking outings to Girl Scouts in 6-12th grade.

Girls may come on their own; this is not a whole troop activity nor does a parent have to come as  GSWW Trained chaperones  (and transportation) are provided too.

 To get started: Scouts take the YAYA Hiking 101 workshop…. Then come hiking! It is that simple. Leaders (parents too) of any program level may also take the Hiking 101 class to supplement your outdoor skills. 

 *Next Hiking 101 workshop: 

Thurs. Nov 14th

Time:  5:45 to 8 PM


 This date/place doesn’t work for you? Email me as I set up the workshops based upon requests.

Next Backpacking 101 workshop:. Scouts must first come on 2 day hikes before starting to backpack and need to weigh 100#. Workshop tbd by interest, spring 2014, let me know by email.

 Hiking Schedule: We hike January thru November, 11 months a year. Backpack trips are added from March-October. A 50 Miler Backpack is set for August 2015.

 *Please see attached flyer  for details and Registration form

 *Visit our  website for photos: www.gsyayahiker.com.

 Get Outside and Play!

Ellen Dahill Govan

Girl Scout Volunteer
YAYA Hikers Advisor
WEBSITE and Photos: YAYA Hikers

Service Unit 245-Lynnwood

YAYA Hiking 101 workshop Flyer

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