Council Updates: February

Council Updates: February

⦁ Schedule Your Own:
We’ve got lots of fun activities around the council that you can schedule with our program partners on your own. Some options include: Science Workshops, Mental Health Awareness, and the Strong Girls Patch Program. Check out these activities and more at

⦁ Travel
Has your troop decided they want to travel? Girl Scouts of Western Washington has a ton of great resources to help make their dream a reality. Whether you’re exploring your own neighborhood, going on an overnight camping trip, or flying across the world- Girl Scouts are always expanding their horizons! Check out our travel website at:

In addition to resources, the travel website has some great information about upcoming volunteer led trips currently accepting applications! Learn more about girl and adult trips to India and the Galapagos on our website!

AND did you know we have a group of dedicated and experienced travel volunteers that can help coach you through how to take girls on an epic travel experience? You can reach out to them with your questions at ⦁

⦁ Bling your Booth
If your troop wants to attract lots of customers this cookie season, it’s time to consider “blinging” your cookie booth and our Girl Scout stores are here to help! Come on in and purchase a Girl Scout tablecloth, apron, and more to make your booth stand out from the crowd. Just make sure to follow the guidelines set for your booth locations!

For additional ideas on how to bling your booth check out Little Brownie Baker’s ideas at:

⦁ Conflict Management
Being proactive and clear about troop communications can avert several issues that may pop up with parents and caregivers. GSUSA spoke to expert volunteers and asked them to weigh in on some of the most common communication issues Girl Scout leaders face and how they would approach them. Read more here: ⦁

And remember, when you are dealing with conflict your Service Unit team and Girl Scout staff are here to support you along your Girl Scout journey, so please reach out to any one of us if you need help!

⦁ Save the Date: Volunteer Appreciation
Save the date because April is Volunteer Appreciation Month and we are getting ready to celebrate you!

Bremerton: April 18th
Longview: April 19th
Seattle: April 22nd
Everett: April 25th
DuPont: April 26th

⦁ Contact your Staff!
⦁ Customer Care: 1-800-541-9852 or ⦁  
⦁ Meesh Talbott, Volunteer Support Manager,   
⦁ Sondra Cooper, Community Engagement Manager,
⦁ Michelle Tieskie, Placement Specialist,
⦁ Trina Willison, Product Program Manager,


“We’re not involved in Girl Scouting for the easy hours, high pay, parent gratitude, power or prestige. We’re involved because we want the world for girls – a world they can share and shape; a world of love and laughter where they can show compassion. We want them to see beauty in the stars, a sunrise, a sunset, in those different from themselves, and in themselves. We want to help them learn to finish anything they start and do it well and guide them to know their worth through their own understanding. We want to help shape women who have strength of character and who are sensitive to the needs of others. We want them to be the best they can be, whether as career women or as homemakers – or both, whether as wives, singles, mothers, or friends. In giving of ourselves and our time, we reap rewards far beyond what we can give because we receive a better world. We are involved in Girl Scouting because we care!”

Printable Flyer: February Council Updates

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