Service Unit 245 – Team Roster

 2010 through 2020

rev. 9/2019
Volunteer Staff
Cascade Challenge Ellen Govan
Comm Camp Assistant Victoria Page
Comm Camp Director Jennifer Page
Comm Development Coord Kathy Jackson
Cookie Director Linda Otto
Delegate, Lead Elliott Gustavson
Encamporee Director Linda Otto
Event Coordinator Arielle Gronning
Facebook Moderator Lori Brush
Fall Product Organizer Leslie Kemberling
Public Relations Ellen Govan
Scout Recruitment Liason Linda Wold
Secretary Sheena Good
Site Sales Organizer
Service Unit  Mgrs. Vonita Francisco
Service Unit  Mgrs. Diane Hobbs
SUM Helper Klari Hixenbaugh
SUM Helper / IT Support Heather Seybold
Travel Forms (TAST) Heather Seybold
Treasurer Sandy Case
Twilight Camp Director Elliott Gustavson
Web site Designer Karin Rice
YaYa Hikers Ellen Govan
Paid Girl Scout Staff
Comm. Engagement Mgr Sondra Cooper
Volunteer Support Manager Meesh Talbott

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