2015 Fall Product Sales

Fall Product

Can you believe it’s almost September already ?!  It’s almost time to resume regular troop meetings again.  Have you considered participating in the Fall Product Sale this year?  It’s a good way to earn money early in the Girl Scout year so you don’t have to wait until after the cookie sale to start doing activities that cost money.  The Fall Product Sale is much simpler than the cookie sale.  The girls simply sell to friends and family.  There are no sight sales.  The girls receive exactly the number of products they placed orders for, and no extras.
It’s quick and easy and your troop will make $1.00 per each item sold.  And, not every girl needs to participate in the sale.  They may choose to sell or not sell.  Even if just one girl is interested, that’s fine, she may sell fall product.  Please see the attached flyer for more details.
All you need is an adult from your troop who can attend a 1 hr training event, enter and track info on the online system for Fall Product, distribute the products to the girls, and deposit the money at the end of the sale.
The sale  runs from Sept 25th to Oct 11th.  Please reply to this e-mail by September 7th if you are interested in participating.  I will offer at least 2 training dates to choose from.   I think the troops who participated last year enjoyed the process.
Leslie Kemberling

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